Lost Passport With Exit Re-Entry

  • Visa application form ( Typed out or block letter written).
  • The new original passport. (Original & one copy)
  • Two (2) recent passport size photographs (4 CM X 6 CM) stapled on the application form
  • Copy of residency permit (IQAMA) & copy of the lost passport
  • A certificate print out issued by the passport office TRAVEL SECTION in Saudi Arabia which include information about the latest exit re-entry visa issued to you.
  • A faxed copy of the Letter from the Saudi sponsor stamped by a Saudi chamber of commerce confirming the employment, job title, residency permit number and the expiry date, the loss of the passport and to issue a visa to the applicant to resume work or residence in Saudi.
  • Police report or letter from the issuing authority of the new passport revealing the reason for issuing new passport (Original & one copy)
  • A copy of an airline reservations must be presented along with the application
  • Money order payable to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia:
    • If you are on a work visa the fee is $88.00
    • If you are on a residency visa the fee is $22.00

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