Employment Visa

The sponsor in Saudi Arabia must apply for a visa authorization through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once the application is approved, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will send the authorization directly to the Consular Section. The sponsor must provide the applicant with copy of visa slip.


  • Visa application form (Typed out or hand written in block letters). Click here for the application form
  • Three recent (4x6 cm) photographs with plain white background (write name on back). Two to be stapled to the application form and one on the medical form
  • The passport validity should correspond with the duration of the contract, and include the place of birth and two blank pages side by side. (Original & one copy)
  • A letter of sponsorship from the Saudi company indicating the authorization number, the date, the job title and certified by a Saudi Chamber of Commerce and the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • The Original and copy of the work contract. Copy of Saudi company’s registration certificate.
  • Canadian Degree / Diploma , transcripts and letter(s) of experience from previous employers certified by The Department of Foreign Affairs of Canada: Tel. (613) 995-0119 (two copies certified by the issuing institution and by a notary as well as authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs of Canada. Written authorization from the applicant allowing the consulate to verify the information with the institutions. Foreign Degrees must be certified by the Saudi Embassy in the country of issue.
  • Completed medical report form and all test results. The report certified by college of physicians of the issuing province (Original & one copy). Click here for the medical report
  • Police clearance report. (Original & one copy)
  • If applicant previously worked in Saudi Arabia, a letter of release must be attached. (Original& one copy)
  • Non-Canadian applicants must submit a valid residency permit (permanent resident card). (Send only copy of front and back of the PR card)
  • Age of employment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: applicants must be over 22 years.
  • A money order of $22.00 (Can. Dollars) payable to The Embassy of Saudi Arabia. (payment separate for each applicant).
  • Visa validity is 3 months from date of issue.
  • A photocopy confirmed airlines reservations must be submitted along with the application.

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