(Tentative: September 12 – September 28)



  • All Prices in USD
  • The payment schedule for the Hajj Program, as published, is as follows:
  • · US $3,500 per person with registration
  • · US $3,500 per person on or before March 30, 2015
  • · Balance of payment on or before June 15, 2015
  • To confirm your registration and reserve space in the Hajj Program of your choice, please provide a registration deposit of US $3,500 per person. You may send us a bank draft, US cheque or money order, payable to Classy travel
  • Flights

    • Toronto to Madina
    • Jeddah to Toronto


    Day 1

    Welcome to the Holy Land. The terminal will be buzzing with all the wide eyed pilgrims. You will have to start practicing your patience through the customs and border patrol process. Upon arrival at the Madinah airport you will be escorted by DST staff to your buses for transfer to your hotel. Finally you have arrived.

    Do not concern yourself with any of the logistics as DST has taken care of all your travel and accommodations. The hotel is equipped with all the modern amenities and daily buffets are included in your trip. If you have any concerns or questions we encourage you to reach out to our staff as they are eager to help make your trip a wonderful one.

    Madinah will be unlike any place you have ever been. This was the city the Prophet supplicated to Allah, “O Allah, make us love Madinah as much as we love Makkah or even more.” This is the city were Islam first found refuge and the home of the final resting place of the Prophet (pbuh).

    Make sure to plan to visit the Prophet (pbuh). Keep in mind that sisters have specific times. There is a small part of the masjid which is said to be particularly blessed just adjacent to the Prophet’s burial place (pbuh). Ar- Rawdah an-Nabawiyah is a particularly holy place as the Prophet (pbuh) linked it to a garden from paradise. It is reported that the Prophet (pbuh) prayed in this very place. Do your best to make two rakka here and raise your hands in dua since a supplication here is reportedly never rejected. Keep in mind the area is coveted and therefore crowded during peak hours. Do your best to visit during “non-peak” hours and be patient with your fellow Hajjis. Make sure you give your salaams.

    After a long trip across oceans and continents we encourage you to get a goodnights rest in order to help you adjust to the time difference.

    Your Madinah Hotels: Shaza Al Madinah

    Check in Thurs, Sept. 17 (04 Dhual’Hijjah) & Check out Sat, Sept. 19 (06 Dhual’Hijjah)

    Meals: Daily Breakfast and Dinner Buffets with a variety of International Cuisine


    Day 2-3

    The Masjid Nabawi is one of the most beautiful places of worship in the world. Although the palm tree umbrellas are modern and the city (as well as DST) offers many modern amenities the pace in Madinah is always a little slower and somehow more tranquil. Feel free to pray all your prayers at the mosque as it is only a short stroll from your hotel. The Prophet (pbuh) reportedly said, “One prayer in this mosque of mine is better than a thousand prayers in any other, except the Sacred Mosque.” Imagine 1,000 prayers on your scale from one Salah. Do not hesitate to over-indulge and even compete in good for you have an opportunity before you that you may never have again. Make every prayer as if it is your last. . .

    Lastly, our Imams will host some Halaqqas and even accompany those who wish to attend on a sightseeing tour to some important local Islamic historical places (Masjid Quba, Qiblatain & Jabal Uhud). Visitors consistently give feedback that Madinah is generally a completely different experience from Makkah. We think you will agree, but you do not have to take our word for it – as you will have plenty of time to fall in love with the city of the Prophet (pbuh).

    Day 4

    Today you arrive with the intention of making Umrah. Upon your arrival from the domestic flight to Jeddah DST will be transferring you to your Makkan hotel by bus. Take the time to refresh your memory with the dua material DST previously provided in your travel package. The buses and staff will assist you to your respective hotel and coordinate a time with the group leader to gather for your Umrah. After resting for a bit and freshening up the group leader will escort you and the hajjis-to-be to the Kabbah. Remember to renew your intention frequently and keep your tongue moving with Thikr.

    You will need your body to be in good health and your mind to be free from worldly concerns so give your body its due rights …after a long trip plan for a good night sleep to help you adjust for the days ahead.

    Your Makkah Hotels: Swissotel Makkah

    Check in Thurs, Sept 17 (04 Dhual'Hijjah) & Check out Mon, Sept 21 (08 Dhual’Hijjah)

    Meals: Daily Breakfast and Dinner Buffets with a variety of International Cuisine

    Day 5-7

    A prayer here is not like a prayer anywhere else. You will have time to explore the Kabah and the Masjid Al-Haram. Get to know the place and take some time for reflection. Before you is the house of Allah which all of the Ummah faces every prayer anywhere in the world. Millions of Muslims yearn to be here and millions have stood where you stand now. Take time to appreciate the moment. Praise be to Allah. When you have the chance to make sunnah prayers make your sajdas long and sincere.  The Prophet (pbub) reminded us that we are closest to our Lord when we are in sajda. You are in the Sacred Mosque and the Prophet reportedly said one prayer here is more than 100,000 prayers in any other mosque. Try your best to pray with the Jamma. 100,000 per prayer adds up fast. You will have two days of such close proximity so take every opportunity to worship. 

    During the days and nights here in Makkah the group leaders Imams will coordinate some halaqas and religious reminders. Our Imams will host some Halaqqas and even provide a Hajj 101 tutorial to review the process and specifically answer your questions about performing Hajj properly. We have selected these staff because of their expertise and approachability.

    Day 8

    Today is the big day. Wake up the pilgrims. Today is the day! Renew your intention and put on your Ihram.  Today starts the trip to Mena where soon to be Hajjis (may Allah accept them all) will be reading Quran, praying, making dua and spending the night. DST has exclusive air-conditioned tents at the  Private Mena Camp (in front of Jamaraat). Refreshment and facilities are first class with no expense spared for your comfort so you can focus on worship. Read. Recite. Supplicate. Pray. And then do it all again. You are on Hajj. Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow is Arafat.

    Meals: Daily Breakfast and Dinner Buffets with a variety of International Cuisine

    Day 9

    Today is Arafat. The Prophet (pbuh) reportedly said “The Hajj is Arafat.” On this day Muslims around the world will fast in solidarity with observance of this day. They were all invited and Allah has permitted you to arrive safely. Today is yours to ask. Ask Allah for everything, for anything, for anybody, for your loved ones and your enemies, ask for forgiveness, for strength, for sincerity and ask for him to accept your Hajj. Today is the day Allah will (IA) release souls from Hellfire. Today is your day to ask…so ask. Today is your day to supplicate…so supplicate. Today is Arafat and you will never be here again in this moment. Make sure you utilize your time as if this is your last moment.

    The trip from the Mena Camps to Arafat will be by train. The fairly recently developed train system houses millions of passengers so this will be another opportunity to practice patience. DST also has a private camp on Arafat to allow you the best experience without distractions. Food and facilities will be available all throughout the day. Plan to spend the day in sajda and supplication. Our Imams will offer some dua which you have the option to join. After Magreb you will depart for Muzdalifa using the same train system. Keep in mind you are on your Pilgrimage and you will be tested with patience as millions of people are making the same trip. You will spend the bulk of the night at Muzdalifa. We recommend you try and get some rest as the day was long and the coming ones will not be any less demanding. In order to accommodate different needs and abilities DST has arranged for two options for the return to Mena from Muzdalifa. The first group will depart early in the morning and the second will depart after Fajr. Remember that even with delays and crowds you can use your time making thikr with the three which are light on the tongue and heavy on the scale: Subhan-Allahi wa bihamdihi wa Subhan-Allahil Adheem

    Meals: Breakfast and Lunch will be served.

    Day 10

    Your pilgrimage has been demanding and rewarding, but it is not over yet! Actually it is Eid and you are soon to be in the best place in the world for Eid! From today on you will be honored with the title “Hajji.”   Make sure you have made intention and purchased a sacrifice (available in advance through DST).  Upon arriving in Mena the DST group leaders and Imams will escort you to the stone throwing at Jamaraat. The DST Mena private camps are located nearby the Jamaraat in order to minimize the distance you will have to travel on foot. The throwing of the stones is a reminder of Shaitian and his attempt to distract Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH), his family and the believers from obeying Allah. You will be instructed to cut or shave your hair. Facilities are available in the camps to accommodate the haircuts. 

    With a fresh cut you will be directed to make your way to the Masjid Al Haram for the Tawaf al Ifadha & Saay al Hajj. DST will have conveniently prepared a bus schedule which will be made available to get you to and from the Masjid. Be patience and practice Sabr as the route and Kabaa will be crowded and slow. This is an essential part of Hajj and reminds us of Ibrahim’s family and specifically honors his wife and her faith in Allah. Take your time in making the tawaf around the Kabaa and consider using the second and third levels to avoid some congestion. The Masjid will be filled with Hajji so practice patience and continue making dua and thikr. Consider the millions of Muslims who have walked from Safa to Marwa performing their Hajj al-Tamatu and how this was nothing but desert before the family of Ibrahim. Take your time and don’t over- exert yourself – but be mindful of where you are…the house of Allah. Make sure to take the time to sip some ZamZam water and make dua. Keep in mind this truly is a blessed place and you are walking in the footsteps of the prophets. You are walking by the house of Allah.

    After your Tawaf al Ifadha & Saay you will be directed to make your way back to the Mena camps. Your group leader and DST staff will have designated a specific location to meet for departure. Millions of Hajjis are moving about the city so plan for some delays by making thikr and dua. Subhanallah. The DST staff will always be accessible for you and your families.

    Day 11-12

    You have performed your Arafat, spent the night in Muzdalifa, performed your first stoning, shaved your hair, performed your Tawaf al Ifadha & Saay, tasted Zamzam and soon you will complete the remaining stoning from the Mena camp. Each day for the next three days you will perform your final stonings. Performing your Ramii at all three Jamaraats is the last step of the Hajj. You will have a lot of time to perform worship so make the most of your time. Recite, pray and supplicate.

    Day 13-14

    After performing your last Ramii you will be transported to Makkah for Tawaf Al Wada. Today is your last chance to make salah at the Kabah. Be sincere and steadfast. Sip Zamzam and say Alhamdulilah. Once you have completed your Tawaf make your way to the DST buses. The bus locations will be clearly known to you and DST staff will be available if you need any assistance. As you leave Makkah by bus continue to make dua since the supplication of a traveler is precious.

    As usual practice patience as the crowds are still moving about enjoying their last few moments near the house of Allah. The DST buses will transfer you and your group to a 5-star hotel in Jeddah. You will have the opportunity to rest and enjoy in the wonderful city of Jeddah before departure back home (based on flight schedule). The city of Jeddah is the gateway for millions of travelers. If you have the energy take the time to explore and if you are exhausted relax and enjoy the amenities of your 5-star hotel.


    You will have made friends you will never forget and you will have certainly made memories you will love to remember but pack your bags and get ready to go. Based on your airline itinerary DST buses will be available to take you to the airport for your flight home. Say your Salaams and prepare to step back into the world (as a newborn) and with a new title: “Hajji.”

    May Allah Accept all our Hajji’s. Ameen


    Program Features/Inclusions:

    Hajj Education Seminars will be offered (In- Person/Webinar/Telephone Conferences)

    An Agent will be personally assigned to you in Canada

    Classy Travel enjoys the privilege of being a consolidator for most major airlines allowing you to enjoy a wider selection of airlines to best suit your needs

    Modern Luxury air-conditioned buses

    Religious advisers fluent in English, Urdu, and Arabic

    A Group Leader will be personally assigned to your bus, and will be your guide throughout your trip.

    A physician will personally assigned to every program.

    A team of over 500 Staff Members will be available to service all your needs

    We handles all of the luggage operation (collection, transfer, storage) so that you can travel hassle free

    Barbers will be conveniently available in our Mena camp

    Hajj books and DVDs will be provided to you in the US

    Ihrams for male pilgrims

    Prayer Rugs for female pilgrims

    ZamZam Water to bring back home for you and your family

    Sim Card with local Saudi number


    Hajj draft fee ($300) and Sacrifice ($140)

    Domestic Flights to International Flight

    Excess Baggage Charges: Passengers holding an adult fare or half fare ticket are entitled to two free bags of 23kg, for most economy class. Total weight of carry on baggage for each passenger may not exceed 5kg. The size may not exceed 20x40x 55cm.

    Personal Expenses: Expenses of a purely personal nature such as laundry, drinks, fax, telephone calls, optional activities, sightseeing or meals which are not included in the tour itinerary.

    Meals: Any meals which are not specified in the itinerary.

    Prices : in USD 

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    Room Type Adults Children Infants
    Triple Room  (3 people per room)
    $12,700 / person
    , $0 / child no bed
    Double Room  (2 people per room)
    $13,800 / person
    , $0 / child no bed

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